Rodent Control Product Details

Electronic Rat Trapper

The rat is an intelligent and clever rodent that has long been mankind’s competitor. This nocturnal scavenger has existed on earth for centuries travelling around the world spreading scores of diseases, biting lacs of people and causing crores of rupees in property damage each year.

The Rat Zapper is the result of years of research, design and customer feedback. It is the workhorse in the war against rodents in commercial environments. It is also great for residential or rural environments where rats and mice can be an ongoing problem.

Q.1 Is it OK to use the Rat Zapper 2000 outside?
Ans. The Rat Zapper 2000 works fine outdoors. We do recommend covering the Rat Zapper 2000 with a plastic bag or tarp if it is exposed to moisture, but otherwise you should be able to zap those nasty rodents in your fruits trees, on your patio, by your dog dish, on your fence, in the sub area below your house, in your barn, and all those other outdoor areas where our customers have mentioned problems.

Q.2 Will the Rat Zapper 2000 work on large rats?
Ans. Yes. The Rat Zapper 2000 is designed to work on the largest Norway rats as well as the smallest mice. If you know all of your rats are huge, we recommend the Rat Zapper 2000 because of its large opening.

Q.3 Does the Rat Zapper 2000 work for both rats and mice?
Ans. Yes. It works with the smallest mouse and the largest rat. If you are using the Rat Zapper 2000 for both rats and mice, we do offer a suggestion. Mice may be deterred by the smell of a rat. If you have zapped a rat and the mice are not going in, you may want to clean the Chamber with hot water and a mild soap solution.

Q.4 How much does a Rat Zapper 2000 Cost?
Ans. Considering the advantages, it costs merely Rs. 10,000/- per unit.

Q.5 Is the Rat Zapper 2000 safe around pets and children?
Ans. Although you must use caution around any device which generates a high voltage, the Rat Zapper 2000 is a safe alternative compared to standard rat traps, glue boards, and poison, We have designed the Rat Zapper 2000 so that it is difficult for a child or a pet to trigger the Rat Zapper 2000. If a child or pet was able to trigger the Rat Zapper 2000, the voltage will cause their muscles to contract, forcing them to pull their arm or paw away from the Rat Zapper 2000. Finally, the amount of energy produced by the Rat Zapper 2000 is intentionally limited by use of batteries and circuit design. By limiting the energy produced, we have virtually climinated the possibility of an occurring from the Rat Zapper 2000.

Q.6 Why should I use the Rat Zapper 2000 instead of other traps?
Ans. Other traps like snap traps and glue boards create" trap shyness" in rodents. There is visible, audible and scent trauma associated with a death in a snap trap or glue board. Snap traps can be bloody and always cause rodent disconfiguration. Glue boards may take hours or days to kill a rodent. Do you think the others like that? With the Rat Zapper 2000," trap shyness" is climinated because the kill is always instant and the rodent is left perfectly intact as though it is merely sleeping. Oh, and don’t forget the mess associated with other rodent control methods. The Rat Zapper 2000 is neat and clean.

Q.7 How many Rat Zapper 2000 do I need?
Ans. For residential users, we recommend 1 Rat Zapper 2000 for every 1000 square feet of living space. For commercial users (or very large homes) with more than 50,000 sq. ft., we recommend a strategic approach. Get enough Rat Zapper 2000 to cover a "section" between 10,000 and 50,000 sq. ft. in size. Spread those Rat Zapper 2000 out over the whole complex and monitor the activity. Then, move inactive Rat Zapper 2000s to the "hot spots" as and when necessary.

Q.8 Does the Rat Zapper 2000 work on squirrels, ground squirrels, chipmunks, moles, gophers, groundhogs, possums, raccoons, birds, cats, or?
Ans. Sorry guys, the Rat Zapper 2000 is strictly designed to work on rats and mice. However, we have had customers who have used the Rat Zapper 2000 to help control ground squirrel populations successfully.

Q.9 How long do the batteries last?
Ans. In RZ 2000, four alkaline AA batteries will typically last for three months or 10-20 rodent kills.

Q.10 Can the Rat Zapper 2000 zap more than one rodent at a time?
Ans. Every time you Zap one rodent, you must dispose it off, then reset the trap by turning it OFF and then back ON. However, if you have a large number of rodents to eliminate, you will find our remote monitoring systems allows you to set up multiple Zapper 2000 and monitor their activity from one locatio.